POINT-OF-LAY PULLETS - $30 each (sold at 12 weeks of age)


We are proud to offer various breeds of pullets who are nearing point-of-lay to those of you who would like to start your own little backyard layer flock or would like to add to your existing flock.  All chicks have been vaccinated and come from Little Red Hen Hatchery in Maple Ridge. Please check out their website for further breed descriptions - www.littleredhenhatchery.com

Beginning May 15, 2019 and monthly after that until August, we are proud to offer the following layer pullets for sale:

** if you were hoping for a certain breed for 2019 and we are sold out, please feel free to contact me to get you requests in for my 2020 “wish list”! Just send an email and I will happily add your request to my list **

-Easter Eggers - the blue / green / pink egg layers! They come in a variety of colours and patterns - SOLD OUT for 2019

-Cuckoo Marans - lay a lovely dark brown egg, they resemble a Plymouth Barred Rock with their dark feathers that are barred with irregular dark and slate coloured bars - SOLD OUT for 2019

-Buff Orpington - lay a brown egg, they are a dual-purpose breed with a docile temperament and beautiful golden-coloured feathers

-Speckled Sussex - another brown egg layer, they have lovely mahogany coloured feathers with white tips - SOLD OUT for 2019

-Gold Laced Wyandottes - a brown egg layer known for its beautiful plumage, these girls have copper-coloured feathers that are edged in black - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

-Silver Laced Wyandottes - a brown egg layer also known for its beautiful plumage, these girls have silvery-white feathers that are edged in black - SOLD OUT for 2019

-Barnevelders - a dark brown egg layer with beautiful brown and black laced plumage - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

-Delawares - layers of large brown eggs, they have a white body with black barring on the tips of the wings, hackles, and tail. - SOLD OUT for 2019

-Whiting True Greens - the green egg layers! Each one looks a little different, with colours ranging from reddish to chestnut. - SOLD OUT for 2019

-Black Austrolorps - layers of large brown eggs, these lovely ladies have black plumage that shimmers with hints of purple and green in the sunlight - their feathers have a beautiful iridescence to them! - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

-Gold Sexlinks - a hyrbid layer (usually a cross between a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster with a Light Sussex or White Rock hen), these girls have reddish-gold feathering and lay a large brown egg. - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

-Welsummers - layers of deep reddish-brown eggs, these girls are real beauties! Their feathers have a partridge pattern to them, with bits of gold around the neck, a light brown body, and dark brown-tipped tail feathers. - SOLD OUT for 2019

- Silkies - one of the friendliest and arguably one of the cutest chicken breeds around, Silkies have silky down rather than feathers and come in a variety of colours. While they are not ever going to keep up with the layer breeds in the egg-laying department, they will make up for it with their charming personalities! Eggs are cream coloured.

-Salmon Faverolle - a docile layer of cream to light brown coloured eggs. They have muffs, a beard, feathered feet, and five toes! Hens have white breasts with beautiful salmon colouring along their backs. - SOLD OUT FOR 2019

We offer the pullets for sale beginning at 12 weeks of age for $30 each.  On average, the gals should begin to lay eggs around 20-24 weeks, but each bird is different!  By the time they are ready to go home with you, these ladies no longer require a heat lamp, they are foraging outdoors, and are trained to come into the coop to roost in the evening.  They will be well socialized to children and dogs as well. 

If you have a specific date and breed that you would like, please contact us to “hold your hen” so that you don’t miss out!