**We currently have one boarding spot available, please either give us a call or send an email for more information!

June Creek Farm is also home to boarded horses.  We are a full-board only barn and we offer the following:

  • 11 x 11 or larger rubber matted stalls with skylights

  • Daily stall cleaning

  • Daily paddock cleaning

  • Hay feedings 4 x per day and grain feedings 2 x per day

  • Will happily feed supplements if supplied by the owner

  • Will administer medications, deworming, etc.

  • Blanketing, fly-spray, etc as needed

  • Will hold for the farrier and vet

  • Pasture turn-out May - October, paddock turn-out during the wet winter months (paddocks are half crusher dust, half natural ground cover)

  • Crusher dust in paddocks gets topped up every fall so the horses stay out of the mud over the wet winter months

  • Shelters in all paddocks

  • Lots and lots of love and attention for your horse!

The property is fenced and gated, with a separate entrance to the barn.  

Please note that we do not have a riding arena on site, so spaces are best suited to retired horses, horses who are simply in need of some R&R, or horses that can be trail or road ridden.  Proof of HCBC membership required.

Full board rate is $425 per month.


Spring turn-out..........aaaah!

Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland!

IMG_0674 (1).JPG

Pasture turn-out on a warm September day

DSCN2793 (1).JPG

One of our stalls, 13 x 12

IMG_0726 (1).JPG

Fall paddock turn-out

DSCN2751 (1).JPG

The 5-stall barn

IMG_0729 (1).JPG

Fall paddock turn-out

IMG_0305 (1).JPG

Back field turn-out

IMG_1149 (1).JPG

Lunch on a cold winter day


The Paddocks


The Paddocks