June Creek Farm is a family run "surf n turf" operation in which the wife raises the meat, the husband catches the seafood, and the kids (farmhands in training) are along for the ride to help out with the daily chores...........


My name is Lela Steer and I was born and raised on the property that we now call June Creek Farm.  I come from a commercial fishing family, which is how I met my husband Shane in 2003.  In 2013 my family and I returned home to the property with the dream of boarding horses.  This dream quickly developed into a plan to turn the property into the functioning farm that it is today!  My husband and I became aware of the conditions under which commercially raised animals were living and we made a decision: we could no longer support the commercial meat industry, so we would raise the animals ourselves.  It is with this in mind that we proudly care for the chickens, cows, and pigs on our property.




My husband Shane Steer is a second-generation commercial fisherman who owns and operates the vessel Genesis I.  He spends many months of the year commercial fishing and he proudly supplies the seafood that we offer for sale here at the farm through his company Ocean's Edge Fishing Ltd.  When he is not out at sea he is the owner/operator of Ocean's Edge Refrigeration and a part-time farmhand to me!  






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Dayton is ten now and specializes in rounding up the pullets at the end of each day so that they can be tucked in for the night in their hen house, safe from predators! He is a great help around the farm and especially enjoys working with the hens.

Seamus is ten years old as well and is very good at cleaning the paddocks and topping up the stalls with shavings! He has become quite comfortable handling some of our calmer horses and is a great help around the farm!

Marleigh is seven and she loves all of the animals here on the farm! She is a great help when it comes to collecting eggs, filling the water buckets, and walking the pony to his stall.